Your Complete Pool Safety Checklist For Keeping Your Pool Area Safe All Season Long

Spring cleaning means making your home better for you and your family. Inside the home it means clearing out clutter and doing a deep clean - but what about outside the home? For most people, it means cleaning up their yard, getting rid of debris, pulling out lawn furniture and perhaps planting a garden. For homeowners with a pool in their yard, we’re adding one more item to your spring cleaning checklist - making sure your pool is a safe place for your family.  To assist you, we’ve created a comprehensive Spring Backyard Pool Safety Checklist for homeowners to follow to protect your family from accidental drownings. A Comprehensive Spring Backyard Pool Safety Checklist At Life Saver Pool Fence we created an easy to remember checklist for creating a safe space for your backyard and pool. We want to help everyone who owns a pool become a “LIFESAVER” for their family. Here’s how: L   ayers of protection - By implementing various layers of protection in your home and around your pool, you will decrease the risk of accidental drownings. I   nstall a pool alarm - This is just one of the various layers of protection you should implement. A pool alarm will detect and alert you of any disturbances in the water which is important especially for families with young children. F   ence the pool - Installing a fence about the pool is one of the most important safety features you can implement in your home. At Life Saver, we offer a mesh pool fence using the strongest mesh available to ensure the safety of your family. E   arly Infant Swim Instruction - Ensuring your children know how to swim at [...]

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Protect Your Pets! Be a LifeSaver and Install a Pet Pool Fence in Your San Diego, CA Home

As a homeowner in San Diego, CA with a pool, there are many things you need to consider. Aside from simply taking care of the pool and performing regular maintenance, you also need to consider safety. If you have children, pool safety is likely something you’d already thought about and taken steps with. However, if you have a child-free home, perhaps you haven’t given it as much thought as it requires. If you have pets, for example, pool safety and preventing accidental drownings is something you need to consider since the risk of drowning is also applicable to your pets. Installing a pet safety fence will help to keep everyone safe from any possible incidents with your pool. A pet pool fence is great for homeowners to install for the safety of their pets, but also because this is a great way to prevent them from accessing the pool area without supervision. Left alone, it’s possible they can cause damage to the pool or pool area which in turn will create an unwanted expense to you.  A pet safety fence will also keep them from getting onto the pool cover and accidentally damaging it. When it comes to protecting your pet and preventing them from gaining access to the pool, a Life Saver mesh pool fence is your best. Not only are our fences strong and durable - but they look great too! Our fences come in many different color options, which can be coordinated to match your yard’s decor and aesthetic. Additionally, installing physical mesh pool fence is actually a safer option than an invisible wireless electric fence, which is another type of fence many pet owners consider. Statistics suggest that invisible wireless electric [...]

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Should I Install A Pool Fence In My San Diego Home This Winter?

The winter months are the perfect time to install a pool fence in your San Diego home. As a homeowner with a pool, you need to be thinking about pool safety and drowning prevention all year long, not just during the warmer months. While it may seem to make more sense to hold off on installing a pool fence around the time you plan to open your pool for the season, the winter is actually the best time to re-evaluate your yard and pool for potential risks. This is a great time to make any needed adjustments and ensure that by time swimming season rolls around your pool will be ready for your family to safely enjoy. First things first, if you don’t have a pool fence installed, this should be your top priority. Our pool fences are the safest pool fences available on the market and are made of a Textilene mesh which has a strength rating of 387 lbs per square inch. Our fences will provide you with years of use that can withstand wear and tear and all types of weather conditions. Our fences made of near-transparent mesh and have 96% visibility. Additionally, our mesh fences come in a variety of colors that will accent your yard’s look, so you won’t be forced to compromise on aesthetic.   Pool fences are a necessary addition to any home with a pool, especially for those who have young children and pets. Not only is drowning one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 5, but nearly 70% of pool drownings occur under parental supervision. This is yet another reason why backup protection is an absolute must for any San [...]

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